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Vintage movement – watch movement what today is not in producing and not use watch industry. Recognized elements can be used condition (but can be NOS – new old stock or AS NEW – short time used), engraved or stamped elements on movement parts – as movement manufacturer mark, caliber number, serial number, type of watch brad logo and name…

New Watch / Custom Watch – is our watch in selling with vintage movement as unique combination of movement, dial, case and hands.


Dial quality… – High quality, special direct processed metal, with protective layer.

Mounting quality… – Standard watchmaker work. Dial is fixed on movement, movement have holder – fixed in case.

Can be serviced? –  For full service (complete clearing – washing), watchmaker need remove dial. Can be fine removed and again entered.

Hands quality… – Standard new hands what exist on market – metal with live luminous. Some movements need hands hole adjustments.  This is standard processing for this type of watches.

Time adjustment… – When pull-out crown with stem, do it lightly with your fingernail. Try more positions where it’s easier. Adjust time always clockwise!

Accuracy adjustment... – All movements have accuracy adjustment regulator (on balance head and/or holder). Exist many types of regulator – adjustment can be easy but for fine adjustments maybe need watch hobbyist or watchmaker help.

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