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Comunication with Omega / Summary – Custom recasing is possible but custom dial not can have Omega brand terms (identical name style and logo). Assumption is, what is not possible for Omega, not possible for all. We respect this intellectual property rights of Omega, Zenith, Longines…



May 15, 2019


We thank you for your request and are glad to read that you are an enthusiastic fan of OMEGA watches. First of all, we take this opportunity to thank you for the confidence in our brand.

In regard to your request, we understand that you intend to manufacture a custom-made dial, which displays OMEGA brand terms. We strongly recommend you refrain from proceeding with your approach as this will violate our copyrights and trademarks.

We regret not to have a better reply to you and send you our best regards from Switzerland.

Kind regards,

Your OMEGA team


Please, I have vintage Omega movement. Base on Internet data, from about 1974 year. Not today in producing. Have only movement, without case, dial, hands…

Possible, as new, in watch, have gold case and this is sold separately or case be gold plated, chromed etc. or/and damaged with dial and hands. I will enable new life for this movement as new watch with modern look. Without this, this movement can be death. I will make modern watch with new parts (case – stainless steel, hands) …

Movement is original, sign from Omega, have your logo and name. Please, I will consult you what is possible look of dial. Can be have your logo and your name? This can be best…

Thank you.

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