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We am Serbian group.

We are collectors of vintage watch movements. With long hobbyist and watchmaker experience. We made New Watch (N-Watch) with vintage movement.

Movements in collection are original branded (Omega, Zenith, Longines…). Movements is serviced, tested, with very good accuracy.

Our collectors mark (in page header) – first (left) hexagon is symbol for vintage movement, second (right) hexagon is symbol for new case (and other new parts), result of this two hexagon is intersection in center – is our mark on New Watch.

If watch movement is not in watch – as vintage movement from watch with gold case (case is probably sold separately) or from watch with damaged case (gold plated, chromed…), damaged dial, hands… – will disappear. We preserve this movement for future in New Watch.

New Watch is custom (special) made watch – recased vintage movement. New Watch with vintage wrist watch movement have modern look (stainless steel case, rotatable bezel , transparent back plate, luminous hands…), for daily using.

Important part of this type of watch is dial. New case need new – custom dial. If movement is branded, this new dial not can have original watch (movement) protected brand identical style logo and name. We respect this intellectual property rights of Omega, Zenith, Longines… See… Legality

Our each dial is UNIQUE designed, each New Watch is UNIQUE.

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