Fabrique d’ebauches de Peseux, S.A., commonly known as Peseux for the Neuchâtel locale in which it is located, was an ebauche maker dating to 1923. The company was founded by Charles Bernese and was incorporated into Ebauches S.A. in 1933 as part of the overall industry restructuring at that time. It remained independent within Ebauches, however, producing calibres for many watchmakers. Peseux was consolidated into the larger ETA conglomerate in 1985, with ebauche production moved to Grenchen.

One of the best-known Peseux calibres was the hand-winding chronometer movement, Peseux 260. It was used by many high-end brands and was quite capable at chronometry competitions. Another well-known product is Calibre 7001, an ultra-thin hand-wound movement introduced in 1971 and still produced today.


Extremely rare and fine, 34mm stainless steel Marvin watch housing famous Peseux 260 competition chronometer movement No. 263 (very rare shock resistant version). Also features stunning and clean dial with arabic numerals.

Competition chronometer-quality wristwatch movements are not “ordinary” C.O.S.C. certified movements. These movements were designed and finished to excel in the rigorous world of Observatory Competitions, as conducted in Geneve and Neuchatel in the years 1944 through 1967.

Back when the development of observatory chronometers and occurrence of precision timing competitions in Geneve and Neuchatel were in effect, the Peseux 260 was introduced purely for research purposes. This ebauche made by Peseux S.A. was made exclusively for the Observatory Competitions and supplied to a number of different independent and high-end manufactures as a starting point for their competition entries. Because of this, it is said that watches bearing the Peseux 260 were never made available to the public consumer, so over the period of 23 years Peseux produced a little over 3300 movements.

Watch is in overall great condition, running and ready to wear!