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Das Kaliber Felsa 692, auch Bidynator genannt, ist das erste Automatik-Kaliber mit beidseitig wirkendem Schwungrotor. Bei dem 1942 eingeführten Kaliber Felsa 692 sorgt ein mechanischer Umschalter auf Zahnrad-Basis für die Polarisierung der Rotorbewegungen. Der Aufzug erfolgt in beiden Drehrichtungen der Schwungmasse.

Zum zehnjährigen Gründungsjubiläum der Firma Jacques Etoile erschien am 2. Oktober 2006 eine limitierte Auflage des Modells Bidynator unter der Modellbezeichnung Bidynator 42.

Bidynator Automatic Movements

Post-Bidynator Automatic Movements




Our newest limited edition collection is named after its movement. The Bidynator-movements were patented in 1946 in Switzerland for the invention of the bi-directional winding rotor. It was the first movement that was able to do that and therefore contributed substantially to the Swiss watchmaking craft. About the movement: Our Bidynator movements in these watches were made in the 1950s and are still original. However, they have not been used in other timepieces before. We have unpacked them from a box, cleaned and serviced them before putting them at the core of our DBF006 collection. Bidynator movements are very rare on the market these days. They are super-reliable, which is why DuBois et fils offers an extended warranty on these pieces (5 instead of 2 years). These historic movements make the collection truly unique timepieces. All models are limited to a maximum of 99 pieces. You can check out all models of the DBF006 Bidynator collection (and choose your preferred limited edition number) directly on our website:… The edition DBF006-05 (limited to 11 pieces) is already sold out. The other models are still available for sale on our website. Further Specifications: All watches come in a stainless-steel 316L case (polished and brushed). The cases have a diameter of 42mm (opening: 36mm). DBF006 comes with a box-shaped sapphire cristal with anti-reflection treatment on both sides. The dial comes in different colours: – DBF006-01: silver dial with blued logo – DBF006-02 (the one in the video): blue dial with logo sticker – DBF006-03: brown dial with logo in red-gold as well as indexes and hands steel red-gold plated – DBF006-04: blue dial with logo in red-gold as well as indexes and hands steel red-gold plated – DBF006-05: green dial with logo in red-gold as well as indexes and hands steel red-gold plated All models originally come with a leather strap. About DuBois et fils: DuBois et fils – the oldest watch factory of Switzerland – has been specialising in the development and construction of high-quality timepieces since 1785. Fully committed to the original way of watch making, DuBois et fils adheres to the ideas of quality from its founders. Today the Swiss heritage brand is strongly connected with the world of modern media, this makes it a mediator between tradition and the modern. The high-quality timepieces from DuBois et fils are distinguished through the craftsmanship of noble materials, a purist elegant design and utmost precision. Each one of the highly limited models is mostly assembled by hand, from a number of individual parts, into a one of a kind jewellery piece. Countless details, such as guilloche dials or sapphire glass box, reflect the ability and dedication from an art of watch making of over 200 years.